Making a Good Decision About Your Wedding Venue

10 Tips to Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue


Many people getting married have not planned a large social event before, and there’s nothing more heartbreaking than a wedding ruined because of a problem with the venue. Here’s how to avoid making the wrong decision about your venue.


You Will Need To:

We Do It For You

1. Talk to at least 5 brides who have recently married there to make sure they were thrilled.

2. Check the Better Business Bureau for any complaints against the venue.

3. Check reviews on non-biased (non-advertising based) websites.

4. Conduct a background check on the venue.

5. Verify that everything promised verbally is in the final contract (be sure to read and understand the fine print).

6. Understand and confirm everything that is included in the “all-inclusive” package. For example, chairs might be included, but are chair covers? Does the open bar fee include the bartender? What are the service fees?)

7. Confirm the food and beverage minimum, and what is covered by it. (This can be a real surprise when the final bill arrives)

8. Determine the back-up ceremony plan for outdoor ceremonies in case of bad weather. (A tent can cost more than $5,000)

9. Confirm the responsibilities of the day-of coordination at the venue. (Could you be on your own, or will there be someone to help? Does the staff work weekends?)

10. Determine if additional fees apply if you don’t use the venue’s preferred vendors. (It could cost more to bring the photographer that you love)


We’ll answer these questions and more,
we’ve helped plan hundreds of weddings.

We’ll ask the questions you wouldn’t have thought of…
i.e., Are there noise ordinances? Are the meals for the vendors included?