The 5C’s for Choosing Your Perfect Venue

Understand Wedding Venues


We’ve planned thousands of weddings, and along the way, we’ve figured out which qualities all of the best wedding venues share – we call them the 5 Cs. (Yes, we were thinking of diamonds at the time). Here they are – whether you use our complimentary venue matching services or not – be sure that any venue you choose follows these 5 Cs.


1. Customer-Centric


The best venues focus on you. This includes, but is by no means limited to: Attentive, one-on-one customer service, listening to your preferences and vision, prompt responses and answering every single one of your questions.


The best venues will provide the information you seek rather than only the limited information they feel is sufficient. They should anticipate your needs and be ready, willing and able to provide you with a most unique, memorable experience.


2. Collaboration


Your ideal venue will work closely with you and your wedding vendors, problem-solving when necessary, to help your wedding vision come to life. A successful wedding event is built on the foundation of clear communication between you and your venue. Once you’ve voiced the details of your wedding vision, the venue should be honest about the possibilities as well as the limitations of their location to meet that vision.


3. Clarity

You don’t know what you don’t know, right? That’s why you must rely on the venue to share with you the inclusions and exclusions of hosting an event. The best venues will be absolutely transparent about their offerings. What’s included, and what costs extra? Honesty and openness at this stage of planning ensures trust, an essential component of allowing someone else to help you attain your wedding vision. Superior venues will also seek to understand your budget and give you ideas on how to maximize it.


4. Coordination

A successful event doesn’t happen by happy accident–it’s always a product of outstanding coordination of details. The best venues have designed a process to ensure that all the details are executed correctly and that your wedding day is perfect. They’ll provide order and structure to the logistics, and lead the team effort to ensuring everything happens as planned.


5. Care


Exceptional venue staff will go above and beyond for your day, and will become a trusted advisor. More than just a job, more than just another event, you will know that your wedding is important to them. They’ll show concern over the challenges (and work with you to help solve them), take initiative, and demonstrate enthusiasm.