It takes a strong and fearless woman to be a Mother. Your mom has been there through thick and thin, and helped you become the person you are today. Celebrate mom everyday, not just on Mother’s Day. A great way to make your lovely mother feel special is to include her in the wedding planning, and honor her on the big day.

5 Ways to Include Your Mom in the Wedding

Include Mom in Wedding | Planning Bridal Party

1. Get the moms together during the planning process, and let them both be involved with some of the planning. (Photo via Haven’s Kitchen)

Guys: Men don’t normally get together to pick out the tuxedo, like girls do for dresses, so why not get the moms involved. Let your mom and mother-in-law help you pick out your tux in a fun “Say Yes to the Tuxedo” outing, and then treat them to lunch.

Ladies: Let your soon to be mother-in-law bake the Bridal Shower cake, or oversee the bridal shower games; while your mom works on the guest list and invites.

Include Mom in Wedding | Mother of Bride Hair and Makeup2. Pamper both mothers to the full treatment on your wedding day. Treat them like royalty, and pay for them to get their hair and make-up professional done. (Photo via Claire Truscott Makeup)

Include Mom in Wedding | Signature Cocktail to honor Mother

3. If your mom is the life of the party, create a signature drink inspired by your mother’s personality, and offer it during cocktail hour. (Photo via Paul S. Bartholomew)

Include Mom in Wedding | Mother and Daughter Dance

4. We always see the father’s bust a move on the dance floor with trending YouTube videos titled  “the most amazing father-daughter dance”, but what about mom? Whether you are the bride or groom, break tradition with a choreographed mother-daughter or mother-son dance. (Photo via Del Sol Photography)

Include Mom in Wedding | Mother's Wedding Photo displayed at Wedding5. Display your mom’s wedding picture at the reception. Whether it is at the sign-in table, or near the candy buffet; your mother and guests will enjoy taking a stroll down memory lane. (Photo via Elizabeth Ann Designs)

Not sure where to get married yet? Think about a Destination Wedding. Your mother would love to help you plan a tropical getaway for your romantic ceremony. Contact the destination wedding planners at Ever After for information on their all-inclusive wedding packages.

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