Sticking to a budget can be tricky when it comes to your wedding, obviously we all the best of the best for our ‘BIG day’. But when an average of over 50% of your budget will be going towards the catering & bar tab, its important to find ways to cut costs, save money and still have the magical wedding day you’ve always dreamed of. Working first hand with caterers and venues, our Experts know firsthand the tricks of the trade that will allow you to pinch pennies on catering costs, so you can allot more of your budget to the fun personalized touches that make your day truly yours!

6 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Catering

1. Find An All-Inclusive Venue: Our team of Venue Experts have scoured Southern California & Las Vegas for the most luxurious all-inclusive venues in your area, and let me tell you- they are a dream come true! Working directly with your own personal Wedding Venue Expert and the location of your choice, you’ll save anywhere from $10-$100 per guests when your all-inclusive package not only includes food, but rentals, floral, equipment and more!Ever After Blog: A Wedding Blog- 6 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Catering

2. Pick An ‘Off Day’ or ‘Off Season’: Thursday night, Monday afternoon or Sunday brunch, hosting your wedding during less popular days will save you a significant amount of money across the board. Often time those dates are left open, making venues & caterers more than happy to cut a deal so they can fill the space! Still want that Saturday night soiree without all the costs? Avoid the costs of a spring time celebration or fall festival, and go with a winter wedding. There’s nothing more enchanting than a wedding blanketed a snow and illuminated by candle light!Ever After Blog: A Wedding Blog- 6 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Catering

3. Get An Accurate Guest Count: Being wishy-washy with your guest count is a sure fire way to lose money on your wedding. Be honest with your caterer (and yourself), and finalize your guest list before you sign your final catering agreement. Having those 10-15 guests who “may or may not” be able to attend the wedding on your catering list means you could potentially pay an additional $1000 or more for empty tables! Ever After Blog: A Wedding Blog- 6 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Catering

4. Go For The Buffet: While we all love the chance to attend a formal sit down affair, the reality is that hosting a buffet is not only more cost effective for you, but its more fun for your guests! Your friends & family will be happy to have more options available to them, from mashed potato stations to dessert bars, and your wallet will be pleased that you were able to cut your wait staff bill in half!Ever After Blog: A Wedding Blog

5. Be Smart About Your Hors D’Oeurves: Give your guests a taste of what’s in store for your wedding reception (literally!) with a cost effective, yet delicious array of appetizers during your Cocktail Reception. Keep all inexpensive appetizers like fruits, cheeses and veggies in stationary displays that guests can graze on, then have a small wait staff come around with passed hors d’oeurves containing all your seafoods and more pricey culinary treats!Ever After Blog: A Wedding Blog- 6 Ways To Cut Costs On Your Wedding Catering... Buffet Style

6. Keep The Alcohol Simple: Who says you can’t party on a budget?? Keep your bar tab low and your guests bubbly with a ‘white bar’ arrangement at your reception. This means providing your guests with beer, wine and a signature cocktail – the best of all worlds without the cost of a full, open bar. Other ways to save money on alcohol at your wedding reception: Skip the champagne toast (a lot of guests won’t drink champagne), offer a non-alcoholic beverage station, or let us help you find a venue that will allow you to bring in your own alcohol, and you can buy your booze in bulk!Ever After Blog: A Wedding Blog- 6 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Catering

One last thing to remember: be sure to budget for service fees and taxes when calculating your catering budget.  Service fees and taxes can add up to an additional 30% to your catering budget.  You can use our handy-dandy venue cost calculator to help plan your wedding budget.

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