Pack your bags; you’re leaving for your Destination Wedding in Mexico! Make sure your Destination Wedding is worry free with this 7-day packing checklist of the most important items you’ll need for a romantic, fun-filled escape. Extending your stay for your honeymoon or taking off a little early? Adjust the list accordingly, so it fits your schedule of events!

Woman With Luggage At The Airport

Quick Reminders for Stress-Free Travel:

  1. To avoid any problems, make photo copies of all your legal documents to bring with you! Always, carry these items separate from your passport.
  2. Advise your debit card bank and credit card company in advance that you will be traveling and check for any hidden limits or fees.
  3. US Currency is accepted in many tourist areas throughout Mexico and the Caribbean, so feel free to bring a little extra spending cash!

 Packing for your Destination Wedding in Mexico:

 Bride - Checklist

Groom - Checklist

Mr and Mrs - Checklist

Click here for a printable PDF version of the Destination Wedding Checklist:

Feature Image: Photography By Laura Grier at Beautiful Day Photography