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If you’re making your dream come true by planning a destination wedding, you’ll need to know exactly what legal paperwork you’ll be expected to have upon arrival. Keep in mind that in some places, you must arrive to your destination at least two business days in advance of submitting your application. Of course, your Destination Wedding Expert at Ever After will have the most up-to-date information about the local requirements, but here’s a list of items you may need:

    1. Photo identification/Passport (make sure your passport is current!)
    2. Original copies of your birth certificates
    3. Legal proof of citizenship in the country/state where you reside
    4. Divorce decree (if applicable)
    5. Death certificate (if declarant is a widow or widower) and a copy of the prior marriage certificate verifying the marriage between the deceased spouse and declarant
    6. Copy of legal status (work permit or immigration status)
    7. Any location-specific declaration forms or applications
    8. Witnesses (number varies by location)
    9. Application fee (varies by location)
    10. Funds to purchase a copy (or copies) of your marriage license

Another point to consider: In some locations, only a Marriage Officer licensed in that country can legally marry a couple. An officiant of the couple’s choice may conduct the ceremony, but a local Marriage Officer must be present to sign the marriage form and make the official marriage pronouncement. Remember to bring funds to cover this cost.

Keep in mind that parental or guardian consent is often required for anyone under the age of 21. Passports or documentation written in languages other than English should be translated in advance and notarized by the applicable consulate. And don’t worry: your Destination Wedding Expert at Ever After will verify if there are any additional arrival requirements or policy changes to make sure you’re well-prepared prior to your departure!

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