Remember when you spent your Friday nights wearing your favorite sweatpants, catching up on Big Bang Theory episodes, enjoying a bowl of pasta and drinking a glass – or two – of your favorite wine? And those endless phone calls with your best friend complaining about work or your love life (or lack thereof)? Who faithfully sat by your side, day after day, and patiently waited to be fed or walked when you came home from the office late on weeknights? And cuddled with you on the weekends when you slept in? That best friend, who never complained, even when that strange new person started coming over, took the best spot on the couch and before long stole your heart? If you’re like millions of other Americans, chances are your first soul mate was your beloved dog or cat.

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Maybe you have a sweet lab-mix you rescued from the local shelter or a purebred French Bulldog or Golden Retriever. Your pet has been a huge part of your life, so why not include Fido or Matty in your wedding party? Many brides spend months training their Labradoodle to walk down the aisle in preparation for ring bearer duties, while others go for the ultra-cute factor and have an adorable flower girl walk their Yorkshire Terrier up to the altar. Don’t forget about other creatures great and small. We’ve seen brides ride into the ceremony on horseback, and we’re sure that cats, hamsters and birds have offered wedding-day support. Here are a few of our favorite four-legged bridal party members:

Bride and Groom with Their Horses

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We Had to Post a Photo of a Couple with Their Beloved Pup!

Bride and groom with dog

Even Smaller Pets Can be a Part of the Celebration!

Portrait of a pretty bride with a rabbit

If you’re planning to include a pet in your ceremony, please share it with us! Be sure to send us any photos or videos of your wedding with your dog, horse or other pet and we’ll feature you in a blog post!

Cute Doggy

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