As Experts in Destination Weddings, we know how time-consuming and overwhelming browsing websites and searching for Destination Wedding Resort information on the Internet can be! So, when we saw that many of our Ever After couples were curious as to why we don’t share the resort names in our online Destination Wedding Resort Database, we decided to go ahead and explain the method behind our madness and how it actually helps couples to narrow down & locate the perfect location for their Destination “I Do’s!”


We offer our resort details for inspiration and idealization, as a way to ignite your imagination about the endless possibilities for your big day, but we know from lots of experience that the best way to plan a destination wedding is to work with an Expert.

Here’s the information we use to find your perfect wedding location:

  • Your wedding vision – what are the ceremony locations that inspire you?  Garden, beach, chapel ceremony?
  • What type of resort experience are you hoping for? Something small and intimate? A large resort, with something for everyone, including nightly entertainment?
  • What is your travel budget? What are your guests’ travel budgets?
  • What is your budget for your ceremony and reception? Are you dreaming of a plated party on the beach, or intimate restaurant dinner?
  • Any “must-haves?” Fireworks, sand ceremony, special accommodations?
  • Are you planning on honeymooning at the same resort, or moving on to another location perfect for romance and alone time?

We then get to work finding the resorts that fit your must-haves, and are within your budget- saving you hours of effort!jenna-jack_w_ss_0105

Because we are so familiar with the resorts, this will take us a fraction of the time it would take you (even if you could find the information we have available to us!)

We know exactly what is included in the wedding packages, the cost of upgrades, as well as special perks and freebies we should ask for on your behalf (some of our couples even qualify to earn their wedding ceremony and upgrades for FREE).

We’ve planned thousands of weddings, so we know exactly what you should get (and we’ll remind you if you’ve forgotten something important, like, the dance floor), as well as all of the rules and regulations of local weddings. jenna-jack_w_ss_0140

Choosing the destination and the resort for each couple can be a complex equation of wedding budget, travel budgets for the couple and their guests, family-friendly or any other number of important components unique to each couple.

If a couple has spent any time researching resorts, they may have experienced a feeling of being overwhelmed with photos, facts and figures, accommodations, dining choices, activities, costs and more. We know from our extensive experience working with couples that the most important factor for nearly every couple is the vision they hold for their wedding celebration and the experience their guests will share with them – and all within the budget considerations they have.jenna-jack_w_ss_0022

When couples browse through our resort database, they simply need to let us know what they’ve seen that inspires them – from a beautiful photo of a ceremony location to an inviting pool where they can gather with their guests to that amazing honeymoon suite.

Once you share your vision with us, we can then help you understand whether the specific resort you were looking at meets all of the elements of your complex equation – Eureka! – or whether we need to take your inspiration as the starting point and then show you other resorts that not only meet that inspiration but also meet the other must-haves on your wish list.

If the couple has a specific resort in mind, we review with them what that resort has to offer and if it truly meets the experience the couple is looking for.  We work with all resorts – including the best known – and can show you those properties that not only provide what you are looking for but that have a committed team on site to deliver the celebration you have in mind.

That’s the magic in what we do! It’s only through personal visits to destinations and to the most sought-after resorts that specialize in Destination Weddings, through first-name relationships with resort Wedding Planners, and through constant training & education on the Destination Wedding world that we are able to match couples to that choice that meets all their needs and dreams.

Get inspiration for your Destination Wedding today!

Romance Travel Photography by Melissa Mercado