Let 2017 New Year’s resolution stick this year! Whether you are getting married or going to a wedding, you should look your best and feel amazing. Lose weight and get in shape for the wedding day with this easy-to-follow wedding fitness plan.

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Before you get started, don’t forget to take your measurements, weight yourself and take those “before” photos. Yeah…we know, the dreaded scale. Though you may not enjoy this part now; trainers suggest this key fitness step to make you more motivated, plus you will really notice the difference in the before and after photos. (Photo via My Health Network)



Go through your refrigerator and pantry… TOSS THE JUNK! You can still keep your “healthy” Weight Watcher endorsed snacks, but limit them to only two types. Just because they are perceived as health-ish doesn’t mean you can get away with eating them all the time. They are still un-health if you eat more than one or two servings at a time. Tip: treat these “goodies” as a reward for doing great for the week.

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GET EXCITED! Most people see the word diet or exercise, and cringe. Being positive and looking at shedding the extra pounds as an opportunity, will make you more likely to succeed. Buy some cute workout clothes from Fabletics or Old Navy, and make yourself feel amazing while working out. (Photo via additionelle.com)

Lose It! App :: Weight Lose App


Track, track and track. Download the free apps My Fitness Pal or Lose It! These app will help you track what you eat in a day, and whether you went over your daily calorie intake to meet your desired weight. If you feel like the free apps aren’t enough, enroll in Weight Watchers and go to the meetings. The Weight Watchers’ app will also do the same things as the free apps. Remember, getting in shape should be a lifestyle change, not just a fad diet that only works while you are using the product.

cleaning work out for weddingSTEP 5

Get your groove on and move. You don’t have to go to the gym to workout. As long as you aren’t sitting on the sofa when you get home, you are working out. Clean the house, re-decorate a room, take the dog on a walk, play with the kids… do anything but sit on the sofa and “relax”. If we relax… we get bored and that is when we tend to grab snacks. To avoid this… stay active. Try to be active 3-4 times a week, to help you shed for the wed faster than just dieting alone. (Photo via Odyssey)

In no time you will be fitting into your “skinny” jeans, and turning heads at the wedding.

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