Packing for vacation can be tough at times. Making sure you brought everything, and whether your luggage will weigh-in at the required weight, can be stressful. When you are planning a destination wedding, this can add an extra level of unwanted stress to your already hectic planning schedule. So what are the best ways to pack for your romantic getaway? Here are a couple tips, tricks and gadgets to make packing for your destination wedding a little easier.

Before you start anything, find out what the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) regulations and your airline’s carry-on policies are. This will dictation what you check and carry-on.


Make a checklist with segments to help you organize Must-Have, Vacation and Wedding Items.

Packing Check List for Destination Weddings

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How many Bags should I bring?

Pack your vacation items separate from your wedding items. Try not to worry about the extra baggage fees, or the weight of your luggage. You spent thousands of dollars on your destination wedding; what’s a couple extra bucks to pack what you need to bring.

Things to Bring on your Carry On

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Your carry-on bag should have your must-have items…Passport, some make-up, your toothbrush with travel-size toothpaste, non-liquid snacks, laptop/book, and a change of clothing (just in case your suitcase gets misplaced by the airline).

Expert Tip: Find out from the wedding coordinator at your wedding venue, if you can ship items to arrive 2 weeks prior to your wedding date. This will give you time to ship your wedding décor, favors, and any items you wish to not pack, with plenty of time to get through customs. This might be more convenient and cheaper, depending on your airlines baggage fees.

Garment Bag for Tuxedo

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And always remember, to carry-on your wedding dress and tuxedo. You don’t want to let these items out of your sight. Plus, there will be less wrinkles when you arrive.

Space Saving Tricks

  • Roll your garments, don’t fold
  • Pick clothing options that can be worn with multiple items and occasions
  • Carry-on your essential items (check the TSA regulations)
  • Use travel space saving bags if necessary

Inventive Travel Hacks

Underwear Bag for Luggage

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Underwear Pouch to store your delicates and free up your luggage pockets.

Jewelry Storage Case for Luggage

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Travel Jewelry Case to keep you necklaces from tangling, and your earrings in one place.

Cool Travel Tips

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Use a Lanyard to attach your small travel size shampoo and conditions. Easy to transport from suitcase to shower without the clutter.

Self Packing Suitcase

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For those who hate to unpack their suitcase after they get to the hotel. This SelfPack suitcase may just make your day.

You are now all set and ready to go. For more advice on how to plan a destination wedding contact the travel experts at Ever After.

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