Believe it or not, there are friends and family that will opt out of being in your wedding party because they can’t afford how much it costs to be a bridesmaid or groomsman. Make sure your “squad” knows how much you appreciate their help and support during the wedding planning with a thoughtful wedding party gift.

The average cost to be a bridesmaid is $1,200 and groomsmen you can expect to shell out about the same. The expenses for travel accommodations, attire, beauty services, wedding gifts, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and other wedding activities may leave your loved ones feeling like they have broken the bank. Show your wedding party your gratitude by giving back with unique wedding party gifts!


Bridesmaid Gift Ideas


Bridesmaid Gift Ideas | Spa Gift Set(Purchase at Etsy)

If you and your girls are known to pamper yourselves, give them a ‘spa to-go’ so they can unwind after the wedding festivities. You can do this by personalizing a tote and filling it with a bathrobe, an aromatherapy candle, luxurious artisan soap, and a bath bomb!


Bridesmaid Gift Ideas | Make-Up Bag with Custom Message (Purchase at Etsy)

For the bridesmaids that are into beauty and makeup consider a cosmetic bag. Make this more personal by adding their initials or a memorable quote and filling the bag with their favorite makeup and application brushes.


Bridesmaid Gift Ideas | Personalized Clutch with Special Message Inside(Purchase at Etsy)

If your bridesmaids are always on the go but like to stay stylish, consider a designer (or designer-like) handbag or clutch they can use for your wedding. What girl doesn’t like a good bag? Expert Tip: Fill the purse with things that remind you of them.


Bridesmaid Gift Ideas | Personalized Neckalce with Initials and Birthstone(Purchase on Etsy)

For a gift that is both special and memorable, consider a personalized necklace or bracelet. Your bridesmaids will love receiving a new piece of jewelry, and this is something they can sport every day! This necklace pairs their initals with their birthstone.


Bridesmaid Gift Ideas | Personalized Roll Up Shoes (Purchase on Etsy)

BONUS GIFT: Save the day by incorporating foldable flats as a bonus gift. Your girls will need them by the end of the night, and they (and their feet) will be forever grateful!


Groomsmen Gift Ideas


 Groomsmen Gift Ideas | Custom Beer Mug(Purchase on Etsy)

If you and your buddies have always enjoyed a cold beer together, gift them with a personalized beer mug pair the mug with a personalized craft beer carrier.


Groomsmen Gift Ideas | Personalize Tailgate Cooler(Purchase on The Wedding Outlet)

Perhaps your groomsmen are more outdoorsy or enjoy a good tailgate — consider a personalized folding tailgate cooler. This way they can sit comfortably, have their drinks nearby, and look super cool, all in one!


Groomsmen Gift Ideas | Personalize BBQ Grill Set(Purchase on Etsy)

If your groomsmen are not big on drinking, but still like to have fun in the sun, a personalized grilling set is perfect for them!


Groomsmen Gift Ideas | Personalized Watch and Wallet Set(Purchase on Etsy)

For a more memorable and significant gift, a personalized watch and wallet set is the way to go! Not only will he never be late again, but he can look stylish and will be thankful for you every time he checks the time.


Whether you plan to spoil your wedding party extravagant gifts or something from the heart, just remember to make it meaningful. Don’t forget; you will always remember the ones that stood next to you during your special day, so make sure you choose wisely.

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