How many weddings have you attended in recent years where the bride walks down the aisle, holding her father’s arm, radiant in a traditional wedding gown, her face slightly-hidden by an ivory veil? If most of your friends opt for non-church wedding venues, our guess is that the last veil you’ve seen was donned by the future Queen of England, Kate Middleton. Did you know that the bridal veil dates back to the book of Genesis, when Rebekah married Isaac? Or that the Victorians took the simple face covering and turned it into a status symbol, using the length and weight of a veil to convey wealth and prestige on the wedding day? Today’s modern bride doesn’t need to worry about warding off evil spirits or keeping up appearances. Instead, the veil can simply be the ultimate fashion statement.

Here are some of Ever After’s favorite wedding veils:

The Chic Blusher: British supermodel Kate Moss has always been known as a bit of a wild child, but on the day she wed rock-star Jamie Hitch, Kate opted for a vintage veil blusher to cover her stunning face, that has graced fashion magazine covers for over 20 years.

Kate Moss Veil Collage

Long & Lacey: Chelsea Clinton walked down the aisle with her father, former President Bill Clinton. The first daughter wore a long, conservative veil to complement her contemporary strapless gown, when she wed investment banker Marv Mezvinsky.

Chelsea Clinton Veil

The Royal Veil: Who can forget the images of the lucky young bride who stole Prince William’s heart? The dress remained a secret for the months leading up to the day of the royal wedding, but the demure veil that gracefully rested on the pearl and diamond tiara (“something borrowed” from the Queen of England) was worth the wait. The Royal Veil was an inspiration for women throughout the world.
Kate Middleton Veil

We love the mystery and glamour of the veil, whether it is short and sweet or sensational and sweeping. When trying on wedding dresses, make sure you ask to try on a few veils as well. Then you will be able to see how gorgeous you’ll look on your wedding day, be it inside a cathedral or outside in your backyard (contact one of our Experts to help you find your Perfect Wedding Venue). Search your grandmother’s attic for an heirloom veil, check out your local flea market, visit a high-end fabric store and find a talented seamstress, or simply click and order this stunning – and affordable – veil at David’s Bridal.

Photography: Laura Grier, Kate Moss, Kate Moss Full Veil, Chelsea Clinton, Kate Middleton