New York Magazine recently polled newlyweds about what they wish they had known before starting to plan for their big day and our hands-down personal favorite is #2: Get references for their venue.

You never have to worry about this with Ever After – we only work with the best wedding venues. Not only have we checked each location’s references through the Better Business Bureau & other reliable review sites, but we’ve also conducted a thorough background check and talked to couples that have gotten married at the venue to make sure it’s truly Bride Certified. A trademarked technique, our Bride Certification Process includes a minimum of 5 couples providing magnificent reviews for a venue’s staff, service, wedding packages and cuisine.

Working with our venues on a daily basis, our Local Venue Experts know the in’s and out’s of each wedding location, and will be the first to know if anything unfortunate has unexpectedly happened at a venue. Even the most trust-worthy venues suffer from accidents, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer too. Whether a venue has to close due to proximity to a forest fire or a tree crashes through the wedding gazebo (yes, all true stories), we back all of our venues with a $100,000 Wedding Assurance Guarantee.

Not only will Ever After make sure you get your deposit back, but we’ll also wave our magic wedding wand and get you into another amazing venue for your wedding day. We certainly don’t want all of your guests to have to change their travel plans or for you to have to rebook (or even worse, find new) wedding vendors!

Here’s a glimpse at some of our other favorite snip-bits of wedding planning advice:

  • Put some serious thought into assembling your wedding party – make sure whomever you choose will be supportive and helpful, rather than adding additional drama!
  • Splurge- Hire a Videographer! There’s nothing more lovely than capturing that moment coming down the aisle, or the later craziness on the dance floor. Related: be sure to give your photographer a list of “must-have” shots – you don’t want to miss this opportunity to document all your nearest and dearest.
  • Don’t forget about transportation – you don’t want your grandparents trying to figure out how to get a cab after the festivities are over. Be sure to think through the logistics of the entire wedding weekend. {For other tips, here’s our blog post about Making the Most of Your Wedding Weekend}
  • Last but not least: take a deep breath during the planning process and remind yourself why you’re getting married. Don’t let the details spin you out of control! Oh – and listen to your mother, she knows best!

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Photo by Laura Grier of Beautiful Day Photography