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Perfect Wedding Venue Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

We offer a personalized, wedding venue matching service that is free for our engaged couples. We have a comprehensive venue database, and when coupled with the local market expertise of our Venue Specialists, we will make finding your perfect wedding venue a breeze.

We currently offer our venue matching services in Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas and Las Vegas. We also offer destination wedding planning in exotic locations all over the globe.

Why should I work directly with Perfect Wedding Venue by Ever After instead of working directly with a venue?

We’ve planned thousands of weddings, and hopefully you will only plan one! We know the most trusted venues, we know market pricing, and even how to navigate the contract. We will put our expertise to work for you - making sure you get the fairest price and contract.

We will also save you time: venues often do not make pricing, availability and other important information publicly available, requiring you to book an appointment with them to discuss those details. Perfect Wedding Venue’s exclusive database of pre-certified and highly recommended vendors already includes pricing, availability, seating capacity, alcohol permissions, stylistic details and a host of other deciding factors that will quickly help you narrow down the list of potential venues that fit your wedding criteria. Our team of expert Wedding Venue Specialists will then check availability, make sure the venue is within your budget, and even book your appointments, making it as easy as possible for you to find your perfect wedding venue.

Why shouldn’t I just surf the Web to find my dream wedding venue?

Wandering aimlessly around the Internet or digging through pages of often outdated, incomplete or incorrect Google search results is overwhelming. Perfect Wedding Venue is your best source for unbiased and complete venue information, hand-delivered by a team of specially trained venue experts. And since we save you valuable time by only matching you to the most appropriate (and available) venues, the process is easy and enjoyable.

Additionally, we have certified each of the venues that we feature – we’ve done background checks, as well as talked to other brides and vendors that have had weddings at the venue. We want to make sure that all of our engaged couples are only using the most reputable venues. We’ve heard too many horror stories of wedding days gone wrong, and we want to make sure that our couples have the wedding of their dreams.

Can you tell me the name of this venue?

If you are interested in any of the venues showcased on Perfect Wedding Venue, please contact us or fill out our short Request a Quote form to find out definitively if this venue is available on your wedding date and if it’s within your budget. It will be our pleasure to schedule an appointment for you to tour the property. You see, our job is to save you time and frustration by helping you narrow down your list of wedding venues, and then match you to the one that’s just perfect for you. When we make the match, the venue pays us a small referral fee.

How many venues should I expect to visit prior to making a decision?

Before finding us, some brides told us they spent weeks, even months, visiting venues to find the perfect one. We knew there had to be a better way, so we’ve made it our job to understand your vision and work within your budget to narrow down the options. By using our innovative Perfect MatchTM technology and relying on our specially trained venue experts, you should only have to visit 3-5 venues before falling in love with the one that’s perfect for you.

How do I ensure that the venue doesn't "flake out" on me?

Perfect Wedding Venue offers an exclusive database of pre-qualified and highly recommended venues, so you can rest assured that we will only recommend the best, most trusted wedding professionals. And since we’ve developed a close relationship with each venue, we are able to stay in constant contact with them and immediately alert you if anything changes with the venue.

How far in advance should I book my venue?

Venues book up to 14 months in advance, so finding your dream ceremony and reception location is one of the first big planning tasks to tackle. Once we’ve helped you choose your perfect wedding venue, it’s time to move on to the fun stuff, including sending out Save the Dates, choosing flowers arrangements and planning the menu. We are happy to make recommendations for your other wedding vendor categories as well.

What percentage of my overall wedding budget should I allocate to my venue and Food & Beverage costs?

You can expect to pay 40% to 50% of your wedding budget to venue and food & beverage services. Our job is to make it easy to find a venue that fits your budget. Since we work with these venues all the time, we can assure you a fair price and even help you navigate the contract.

What are the top pitfalls of finding and booking your own venue?

  1. Wasted time - couples can spend up to two hours per day planning on their own and countless hours on the phone and in the car. Venues want you to come visit the property in person, so often will not share pertinent information over the phone or online.
  2. Unreliable information - the Internet often includes outdated or incorrect information, and other wedding planning companies serve up a laundry list of advertisers’ products and services rather than a venue that meets your criteria.
  3. Unreliable vendors – more than 1/3 of all wedding insurance claims fall under vendor mishap* because the vendors hired aren’t experienced, reputable or trustworthy. Our vendors have gone through our rigorous background and certification process, so we can recommend them without hesitation.
  4. Consistent pricing – we have helped plan thousands of weddings, so we can help you understand pricing, navigate the contract, and understand what should be included in the price and contract.

*In 2012, about a third of wedding insurance claims with both Travelers Insurance (31%) and WedSafe, a unit of Aon, (38%) fell under vendor or venue mishaps.

Do you play a role after the bride has chosen her venue?

Absolutely. Through our extensive certification process we develop a close relationship with each venue, which means that we are able to stay in constant contact with them and alert you immediately if anything changes. Occasionally there are unforeseen incidents that come up - kitchen fires, remodeling projects - that could derail a wedding event. If something like that happens with one of our venues, we will be sure to inform the engaged couple immediately and help identify options.

Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Frequently Asked Questions

Why plan a destination wedding?

Aside from the obvious—an exotic location, a fabulous getaway for the engaged couple—a destination wedding can be a huge cost savings, as they can cost less than a traditional wedding.

Typically, destination weddings are smaller, more intimate affairs that create the opportunity for a multi-day celebration and deeper bonding for all who attend. For the guests, attending a destination wedding is an opportunity for romance or a fun getaway of their own. It’s win-win!

Why should I use Ever After to book my destination wedding?

Our management team has more than 25 years of experience in the travel industry with a focus on romance travel. They have overseen the plans for literally thousands of destination weddings and honeymoons.

Each of our hand-picked Specialists has personally planned countless destination weddings and honeymoons, and their expertise is critical to help you navigate the details and requirements for getting married and honeymooning in many different and exciting locations.

Since we’re helping happy couples plan weddings and honeymoons all the time, we’re in constant contact with these resorts and receive updates about changes to staff, amenities, wedding packages and other important information. We know key staff members and who to contact for all your needs.

How does the destination wedding planning process work with Ever After?

Once you enroll as a couple with EverAfter.com, you are assigned to work with a Senior Romance Travel Specialist. This isn’t a random connection to an “agent.”

We match you with someone who is highly trained, experienced in working with couples like you, and who makes it their priority to know the destinations and details of wedding locations. What this means for you is that you have a committed partner in this overwhelming process. It is your Specialist’s responsibility and mission to help you find exactly what you have in mind for your destination wedding or honeymoon. You can expect the following process:

  1. The first step is a consultation call with your Specialist who will listen to your vision for your wedding, sort through your wish list and your must-haves. Then, your Specialist will...
  2. Guide you through the process of selecting a destination that suits your needs and desires;
  3. Help you select a resort out of the thousands out there;
  4. Provide you with your chosen resort’s wedding package information to find the best fit for your needs, budget, and vision;
  5. Work directly with the resort on your behalf;
  6. Recommend packages and inclusions for you and your guests to best meet your wedding vision;
  7. Confirm your wedding date, ceremony location and time with the resort;
  8. Make travel arrangements for you;
  9. Block rooms for your guests if you like;
  10. Assist each of your guests with their travel needs, helping them with any budget concerns they may have;
  11. Oversee your planning process with the resort’s Wedding Coordinators, and take the guesswork and stress out of planning your dream destination wedding and/or honeymoon.

Our process is bride-tested and produces a lifetime of memories for you and your guests.

What are the fees for your services?

We offer a personalized, destination wedding and honeymoon location matching service that is free for our engaged couples. Ever After works like a real estate agency: our job is to find the best venue for you, help you navigate the process, and ensure that it’s a perfect match for your wedding and honeymoon vision. When we make the match between you and your perfect hotel or resort, the venue pays us a referral fee.

As you can see, the work your Specialist does in organizing and assisting you and your guests is extensive. We are with you from the first day of planning until you and each of your guests return home.

To ensure our high level of communication, our Specialists can only work with a limited number of destination wedding and honeymoon couples at a time. Therefore, we do ask that couples who work with us provide a $50 Commitment Deposit. This is not a fee and it is applied directly to your final payment on your travel arrangements.

What role will my Romance Travel Specialist play?

Your Romance Travel Specialist is the liaison between you and the whole daunting, overwhelming process of planning a destination wedding. Your Specialist will:

  • Listen to your thoughts and ideas and work to understand your vision for your wedding;
  • Recommend resorts or hotels that match your criteria and wish list;
  • Connect you to the resort’s wedding staff and help you navigate the planning process of your wedding;
  • Help manage your guests’ travel and confirm all travel details;
  • Oversee all communication between you and the wedding staff at your chosen resort to ensure your needs are being met and all important details are tended to;
  • Answer your guests’ travel questions and keep you from becoming their travel agent, so you can focus on the details that make your wedding a unique reflection of who you are as a couple;
  • Organize any tours or excursions that you or your guests would like to plan, whether individually or as a group;
  • Ensure all the details are in place for you and your guests to experience a wonderful destination wedding or honeymoon.

Do I pay you or the resort for my destination wedding or honeymoon?

Wedding costs are paid to the resort. Typically a resort will require a deposit to confirm your wedding date. They may require an additional payment prior to your arrival or settle everything with you once you arrive at the resort. We will inform you how the process works for your chosen destination resort.

Is it legally binding to marry in another country?

Absolutely! However, each country has specific requirements for marriage, and it’s our job to keep up with the requisite information and pass that along to you. Once you have chosen your destination and resort, you will receive a detailed list of all the requirements and steps for a legal ceremony. It is also possible to have a religious ceremony as part of the legal wedding ceremony.

How do I get the best travel prices for myself and my family?

Getting the best possible price for everyone is very important to us--that’s why we have a Best Price Guarantee. Your Specialist will talk with you about how we search for the best possible pricing and, should you locate a lower price for comparable travel arrangements, just let us know so we can obtain a Price Match from the venue prior to confirming your reservation.

What happens in the event of a hurricane?

Many couples will choose to get married during hurricane season (June – November in the Caribbean) due to the more affordable pricing or because children will be out of school during that time.

Statistically, only a small percentage of travelers are ever impacted by hurricane situations. However, if you choose to plan your event for this time of year, we recommend that you and each of your guests purchase Travel Protection Insurance, which provides important coverage due to disruption by a hurricane. In fact, we strongly recommend that you purchase Travel Protection Insurance regardless of when your trip takes place--it’s the sensible thing to do to protect your travel investment.

What if we need assistance while we are traveling?

A whole team of people is available to you and your guests beginning with your Specialist, our Management team and the Customer Care Departments of the Tour Operators we use to book your travel arrangements. Contact information will be provided to you when you receive your travel documents prior to departure.

Should you have any issues or concerns while traveling, please let us know as quickly as possible. It is far better to let us know while you are on your trip so that we can seek to resolve an issue rather than try to resolve something after you return home. Our top priority is doing everything that we can to ensure that you and your guests have a fun and positive experience.

What if I want to get married at a resort you don’t recommend?

We are your partners in planning an amazing experience. We have insider knowledge about the great resorts – and the not-so-great resorts. We will share with you any important information we may know about a resort as part of your decision-making process. Most brides feel that choosing a resort with a good reputation is a crucial factor in their selection process. Whatever resort you chose, our job is to oversee your needs, your planning process and your guests’ needs to ensure that the process moves forward as smoothly as possible for everyone.

Why shouldn’t I just plan my destination wedding myself?

  • There are literally hundreds of resorts to choose from in every destination. We know them all, and which are the best for destination weddings.
  • Finding accurate ceremony and reception information is extremely challenging, and information you find on the Internet may be out-of-date, inaccurate, or just plain wrong. One of the most common phrases we hear from brides is that the more they search for information, the more confused they become. Ever After is dedicated to removing that confusion and giving you solid, accurate information.
  • Wedding requirements vary by country. It is imperative that you have the professional input of a Specialist who knows exactly what is required at any destination in which you might be interested. You certainly don’t want to arrive for your destination wedding only to find that you don’t have what you need!
  • Other factors that can contribute to stress when planning your destination wedding are the possibility (and likelihood) that the wedding coordinators at some resorts change frequently, there may be a language barrier, and the concern that wedding staff may not respond to you in a timely manner. Our Specialists have faced these challenges before and know how to deal with them.
  • We can give you peace of mind throughout the entire planning process.

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