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Wedding Venue Budget Estimator

Not sure how to get started planning your wedding budget? Step one is planning your wedding venue costs -
your venue choice (including food and beverages for your wedding guests), should be 50-60% of your overall wedding budget.

Below is our free wedding venue budget tool to help you estimate your wedding venue costs and help you understand how much you can spend on your wedding ceremony, wedding reception location, as well as beverage, bar and food costs.

Let's get started planning your wedding!

Estimating your wedding venue budget
Values in red are typical weddings costs -
feel free to use these numbers or enter your own
How many guests will you have?
How many of these guests will be children?
What is your total ceremony
and reception budget?
How much are you planning on spending for just the ceremony and reception? Keep in mind, this budget should be about 40-50% of your wedding spend

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