Yipeeeee, you’re married! Now that you’re officially husband and wife, if you have decided to take your hubby’s name, it’s time to get your new last name legally recognized by the government. While it’s not the most glamorous process, it will be very important to have this little task completed BEFORE you frame your marriage license or tuck it away in a treasured scrap book! In order to make changing your last name as seamless as possible, below are the steps that you’ll need to complete to become an official “Mrs.”- Good luck!How To Change Your Name Now That You're Married

  1. First and foremost, find that little piece of paper at the bottom of your marriage license and keep it in a safe spot. You’ll need to carry this around with you as you go from place to place changing your name.
  1. In order to legally change your name on any document, credit card or license, you will have to go to your local social security office and change the name associated with your social security number. You will need this first before going out and changing everything else. It is simple to do- Go in, take a number, fill out the form, show them your marriage license slip, and swear you are telling the truth.
  1. Next step- Your driver’s license. Either wait to get your new social, or bring the receipt with you to the DMV (along with that handy marriage license slip from step 1). While your drivers license will be changed in the system, you may have to wait a couple weeks for your new license to arrive in the mail.
  1. And last but not least, you have to change your name on your passport. You have a year to change your name on your passport for free. All you need to do is mail this form, your old passport, 2 new passport photos, the fee, and that handy marriage license slip. Always complete this step last because they keep the slip in the end!

Congratulations- Your name is now officially changed! From here, you can now easily change your name on any credit/debit cards, checks or titles!