Your Save the Dates and wedding invitations set the theme or tone of your wedding. Picking the perfect piece of paper for your destination wedding can be hard with all the creative ideas on the internet and apps like Pinterest. See which wedding paper designs made of list of favorite wedding invitations.

Destination Wedding Ideas | Invitations and Save the Date Designs | Wedding Photos

Wedding Invitations and Saves the Dates for Destination Weddings


Before you start searching for your wedding paper. You will need to figure out your destination. Ever After is a great free wedding planning service for destination weddings and the travel agents specialize in tropical destination weddings in Mexico and the Caribbean.

If you have your heart set on an oceanfront, destination wedding you will want your Save the Dates and invitations to reflect the location of your ceremony.


Save the Date Ideas for Destination Weddings

 The destination wedding experts at Ever After recommends that you send out your Save the Dates 1-2 years in advance. This will get your guests excited about upcoming travels and will give them some time to save for the trip! The purpose of Save the Dates is just to let your guest know the date, location, and wedding website. You don’t need a ton of information on this announcement.

Here are some creative ways to get your guests on excited and interested in going the extra mile to attend your destination wedding:


Destination Wedding Ideas | Invitations and Save the Date Designs | Message in a Bottle Save the Dates Photo Credit: Etsy

Message in a Bottle Save the Date Magnet

Nothing says travel and adventure, like a message in a bottle! This Save the Date idea is sure to create buzz for your big day. It will require extra postage, but it is totally worth the “WOW” factor.


Destination Wedding Ideas | Invitations and Save the Date Designs | Luggage Tag  Save the DatesPhoto Credit: Etsy

Luggage Tag Save the Date Announcement

Let your guests know they will need to get some new luggage with this creative and practical luggage tag Save the Date announcement.


Destination Wedding Ideas | Invitations and Save the Date Designs | Postcard Save the Dates Photo Credit: Etsy

Postcard Save the Dates

Feature your destination wedding location on a postcard-style, save the date! This idea is sure to get your guests excited to travel and is easy to display in their home or office as a reminder.


Destination Wedding Ideas | Invitations and Save the Date Designs | Boarding Pass Save the DatesPhoto Credit: Etsy

Boarding Pass Save the Date Cards

Get your guests in the traveling sprint with this unique Save the Date cards – great for setting the tone you’re your destination wedding.


Destination Wedding Invitation: What to Include

Planning a destination wedding takes time. The ideal time to start planning is your destination celebration is 18 months in advance. The key to the ultimate destination wedding is to plan ahead and keep your guests informed of all your travel plans.

You will want to send out your official invitations about 8-6 months before your wedding day for a destination wedding. At this point, you should know where you will be holding the ceremony and reception, as well as have all the details for the room block.

Destination Wedding Ideas | Invitations and Save the Date Designs | What to Include in Your Wedding InvitationThere is so much information your guests will need to know. It is best to create a wedding website with all the details. Most people love the getting invitations but tend to misplace the information, that is why a wedding website is so useful. The following information should be included in your wedding invitations:

  • Wedding Date and City, Country
  • Resort Name
  • Adults-Only or Family-Friendly (let your guest know what type of resort they will be staying at)
  • Wedding Website address (make a simple URL your guests will remember)
  • RSVP instructions (for destination wedding you can say your reservation on the room block is your RSVP – and make sure to include the date you would have to cancel un-booked room by with no penalties)
  • Registry Info

Insider Tip: Send your invites closer to the 8 months before your destination wedding date. Depending on your hotel room block contract you are required to have a percentage of your rooms booked by a set date. The earlier you get the invites to your guests, the less likely you are to pay for un-booked rooms or pay penalties for cancelling rooms. It is best to speak with your travel agent to know exact dates to avoid additional fees.

Don’t know where to start Ever After’s travel agents can help booking a resort that specializes in weddings, and help you will room block contracts to make sure you get the best deal without all the hassle.


Destination Wedding Invitation Ideas


Destination Wedding Ideas | Invitations and Save the Date Designs | Passport Wedding Invitations

Photo Credit: Shutterfly

Passport Wedding Invitation

Nothing says travel like a passport! Who needs a bunch of loose pages in their invite? This idea is both cute and conventional and will allow you to include all your travel information, all in one! (It’s also a good way to remind your guests that they may need their passport!)

Destination Wedding Ideas | Invitations and Save the Date Designs | Tropical Wedding InvitationsPhoto Credit: Etsy

Tropical Destination Wedding Invitations

Set the mood of your destination wedding with a tropical wedding invitation. There are so many websites like Etsy and Shutterfly that have unique and fun tropical designs.


Destination Wedding Ideas | Invitations and Save the Date Designs | Papel Picado Wedding InvitationsPhoto Credit: Avie Designs

Cultural Destination Wedding Invitations

Bring your exotic wedding location to life in your invitations by using symbols, themes, and colors that are reminiscent of your destination locations culture and lifestyle. These Papel Picado wedding invitations are ideal for a Mexican wedding.

 Destination Wedding Ideas | Invitations and Save the Date Designs | Wedding Planner

What to Include on Your Wedding Website

There are many companies online that offer free wedding websites. To make sure your guests are well informed and you don’t overload them with too much information on the invitation, a website with more details is the best way to get RSVPs and inform your guests about everything.

Things to Include on your Wedding Website:

Use all the same information that was on the wedding invitation you mailed out PLUS…

  • A link to your room block for guests to book their stay online, and contact information to the travel agent for assistance
  • Airport, Flight, and transportation information
  • Passport Information
  • Attractions and Activities
  • RSVP section
  • Registry Link
  • Itinerary to let guests know when you are arriving and gatherings you are planning prior and after the wedding. (This is great to give your guests an idea of when to arrive and depart)

Before you start picking out and designing your wedding invitations for that exotic destination wedding, you will need to pick your location. Ever After is an award-winning destination wedding company that can customize your trip to fit your budget, size and wedding needs. Contact them today to book your dream wedding in Mexico, Jamaica, and other Caribbean locations.