Having your wedding on the beach sounds completely fabulous, right?  Toes in the sand, lapping waves, framed by a beautiful sunset on the Pacific Ocean – sigh.  Your beach wedding can absolutely be that spectacular, and to make sure your oceanfront affair goes off without a hitch, here’s a checklist to consider when planning your beach ceremony & reception.

1. Beach ceremony only or reception on the beach as well?  
Many Southern California beach locations have strict time and noise restrictions, be sure you know them before planning your event.  If dancing the night away until 2am is your dream reception, you will likely need to find a reception location nearby – many beaches restrict events after 10pm.  Your SoCal Venue Expert will know the ins and outs of the beach wedding venues we recommend.
Here’s a few of our favorites:

Beach Ceremony + Luau Reception in Laguna Beach {http://www.perfectweddingvenue.com/V-12153}: Lovely and affordable all-inclusive luau – aloha!  Events must end by 10pm.

Luau in Southern California

2. Do you have the proper permits?
All Southern California beaches require permits for events – check with your Venue Expert to ensure you’ve got the proper permitting.

Get Married on the Beach

3. How private is your event space?  Are you allowed to rope off the space for your event?

Private Beach Wedding Setting

4. Are you allowed to tent in case of inclement weather? Do you have a back-up, indoor location? 
Although Southern California has enviable weather, there are some days here and there that bring wind or rain.  Be sure to know (and have planned out) your options in case of inclement weather.

Beach Indoor Wedding

5. Getting through the sand – consider footwear choices.  
You do not want to be trudging through the sand in your beautiful wedding gown.  One great solution is to have a wooden walkway leading to the ceremony location, making your trip down the aisle effortless.

Beach Aisle Runner

While it might feel like you were just hit with a wave of information, remember that the Experts at Ever After will do all the research for you to help find your perfect beach wedding venue. When you’ve got the Experts on your side, you can stop searching through the endless sea of online wedding information and simply enjoy being engaged!

Contact one of our Experts today at VenueSpecialist@EverAfter.com, call toll-free at 888.734.4787 or visit our website at perfectweddingvenue.com/Las-Vegas.