Perhaps you have known all along what your dream wedding gown would look like. Growing up you imagined a storybook wedding day to include a taffeta ball gown with a glimmering jeweled bodice and a cathedral length train. Now you have just decided, with the help of your Wedding Venue Expert, that your picture perfect backdrop will include the beach. The only thing you can imagine is that cathedral length train getting caught in a tide pool. While you do not necessarily have to forgo all former ideas of the perfect wedding dress to fit your beach venue, there are some items to keep in mind when you begin looking for the dress. We asked two former beach brides for tips, based on their experiences, to share with you.

Tip #1: Decide what type of beach vibe you are going for and find a style that fits the feel, i.e. Casual; Luau; Boho; Classic; Nature, and so on. The type of beach and reception may lend a hand in deciding the vibe of the event. Maybe a white-sands beach feels more Classic, while a rocky beach might feel more like a Nature vibe. If you are interested in a unique spin on the formal wedding gown and are looking to have an easy going Luau vibe, perhaps a dress like this would be a fun and easy fit:

Destination Wedding Dress


Tip #2: Consider how you will be traveling with the dress. One of the brides shared her story about the difficulties of being the dress courier during air travel. She did not want to pack it in a checked bag because of the fear of it getting lost in the shuffle, so she counted it as a carry-on. Lugging a large, heavy dress through security and across airports is certainly something to keep in mind. Also, check with your airline for carry-on rules, as the bride in this case learned as she was boarding the plane that she had one item too many with the dress. If you are looking for a dress that travels well, and will also allow you to get your feet wet on the beach, consider something like this as an option:

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Tip #3: Comfort is everything! When choosing a dress, remember that you will be wearing your gown for hours- dancing, walking, hugging, sitting, and posing, so be mindful of your own comfort level. A beach wedding may have some extra considerations to be attentive to. Think about heavy beading and corsets, will it be too hot for the afternoon? A breezy day at the beach cannot always be predicted, so find something that works with you, not against you. Look for materials or embellishments that flow with your movements.

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Many brides choose to go barefoot on the beach, so try the dress on without shoes if you decide that might be an option. Are you going to want to step into the water for some photo opportunities? Maybe this would be a great opportunity to try a tea length dress.

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Finding your dress is such a meaningful part of your wedding preparation. The final decision will always be the right decision as long as you feel great wearing it!

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Photography by: Kelly Moe, Nuweddingz, Dressilyme, Well Bridal, Ashley Garbin

Featured Image by: Melissa Mercado