Weddings can get expensive and that is why you chose a destination wedding in the first place, right? Studies have shown, couples that decide to host their wedding in a location where they don’t live is for a change of environment and lower cost. Destination weddings tend to be cheaper for the bride and groom.

Regardless, any life-event you plan takes time and money. Take a look at these six ways to save money for your spectacular destination wedding.

pick a wedding date to save money

1. Pick the Right Date

The first thing you can do to save on the cost of your destination wedding is to pick a wedding date that isn’t a popular date or during peak season. Avoid holiday weekends and Spring Break. Also research when the “slow” season is at your preferred destination location.

how to save money wedding planning

2. Plan in Advance

The early you plan… the better. Venues and resorts will change their pricing yearly. No shocker… the price will mostly increase. Planning a destination wedding 12-16 months in advance, will not only give you time to save and set-up payment plans, but you will most likely be locked into prices for the current year. (Photo via Jose Villa)

all-inclusive resorts

3. Pick All-Inclusive

There is a wide variety of resorts that are all-inclusive for any budget. When you think about the cost of food, drinks and resort activities; you actually save money having these things included in the per person price. Plus, you don’t have to worry about carrying your wallet around the resort.

destination wedding travel agent

4. Get Help from Travel Experts

Planning a wedding from far-away can be very stressful. Find a travel expert that has been to your destination many times, and knows how a resort runs their wedding department. Travel agents also have discounts available only to their travel agencies which the public doesn’t have access to. Their knowledge will save you time and money.


5. Ask About Free Wedding Packages

Sometimes resorts will include your wedding ceremony if you have a large room block. Ask your travel agent about this, and see if your group size meets the requirements for a free wedding ceremony.

fare alert for low cost flights

6. Set Alerts

Now that you have booked your destination wedding and picked the date, set-up fare alerts for low flight rates. Most airlines, travel websites and apps have this capability. All you need to do is create an account on their website/app, find your desired flight or destination, and add alerts.

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